Nice Girl Bootcamp

Right now, you’re showing up as the nice girl. While it’s a noble cause in theory, it’s just not serving you in real life. You’re frustrated. Frustrated because you’re doing all the right things: being nice, working hard, not asking for too much, but you’re not getting reciprocity (or you’re getting the bare minimum). Maybe you get passed over or railroaded at work, are in an unfulfilling relationship (or a situationship). Maybe you’re talked down to by your relatives, or have friends that deep down you’re starting to wonder if they’re really frenemies. You want to be more assertive without being someone else or acting like a guy. You want to stand in your power while still feeling feminine. How do you DO that, though?


The Nice Girl Bootcamp is an intensive(ly joyful) workshop training on mindset shifts, realizations on why you think and act the way you do, and what to do about it. We’ll review case studies on powerful women and determine what elements are best to incorporate into YOUR daily decisions and actions. This is NOT your run-of-the mill women’s workshop. When I say we’re going to examine what to do about it, I mean how to actually implement the new actions you’ve committed to as a result of the breakthroughs you’ll get in the workshop. You’ll also receive:

• A workbook
• A video AND audio copy of the workshop so you can go back and continue the work (and bake in the learning)
• A complimentary follow-up coaching session with me

We’ll finish out the day with small plates, wine, cocktails/mocktails to celebrate your transformation.

All participants receive:

• A ticket to the live half day workshop
• A physical workbook to accompany the session
• A video AND audio copy of the workshop (in order to revisit and go deeper into the teachings on their own time)
• Complimentary cocktails, mocktails, and wine at the end of the workshop!

One follow-up session with Nikki

$197.00 - COMING SOON!