Games Guys Play

Why does it seem like certain guys know exactly how to get in your game and have you doing things you said you wouldn’t do?

Why do you take a guy back, even after you swore to all your friends and to yourself that it’s REALLY over this time?

How does a guy get in your head so good that you start doubting what you know is true and questioning your sanity?

Because guys play games.

In this video presentation, I teach the 15 games men play in relationships that keep women stressed out and confused, how to neutralize their attempts, and win on your own terms. You will receive:

• Recordings of every evening’s class,
• A downloadable PDF with the 15 games guys play, and
• A $50 credit towards a consultation that will help you navigate men’s games and get rid of the wrong types of guys so you can be available for the right guy.

Stop getting played. Start getting pampered. Get this class.