The Pleasures and Powers of Dating for Marriage After 30

There are a lot of conversations concerning the “marriageability” of women after they reach the age of 30 that are causing a true confidence crisis in a lot of women. As a woman who happily married and had children in her 30s, I want you ladies to know that you absolutely CAN marry well in your 30s and enjoy the process along the way. If you have any concerns about your romantic future, SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS. You also need to sign up for this class because:

• You’re going to learn about the BENEFITS of marrying in your 30s
• You’re going to understand and tap into a newfound feminine authority based on your current position (this will make dating fun again)
• You have a right to secure the relationship you want and NOT FEEL LIKE YOU SETTLED

This is a 3-part downloadable course.