Dating For Marriage 101

(Note: This is the FOUNDATIONAL version of this course, and most ladies should start here. For the ADVANCED version, please see “The Pleasures of Dating for Marriage After 30” course.)

Many of us swear that we want to be married, but are we really ready for marriage?

I’m not talking about your wedding where you’re princess for a day, but the actual spending your LIFE with a man. Will you give him the space to be imperfect? Do you understand that you’re imperfect? Will you walk away the minute you’re “just not happy” anymore?

These are questions you need to answer NOW. If you want to have a quality husband and a great marriage, you must prove yourself to be a quality potential WIFE. Do you even know what that entails? It’s not what you think it is. Sign up for this course if you’re ready to have more quality dates, which will lead to having a quality relationship with a quality man, and ultimately a great marriage.

This course consists of a 2 part audio and a downloadable worksheet.