Lady Cro

Yes, YOU.

Do you believe that wonderful things can happen FOR YOU? 🤔

I used to be so confused when a person would reject a kind person’s friendship, an opportunity to catapult their earnings, or a wonderful love interest's attentions, but as I do more and more of this coaching I realize that so many people don’t believe that wonderful things can happen FOR THEM. Maybe someone else, but not them.

Does this describe you?

❓You have never had a healthy relationship with a friend, so you don’t know how to accept true friendship. You wouldn’t know how to fellowship with a kind-hearted person, because you’ve only been in practice of fellowshipping with mean-spirited people.

❓You have been around people that struggled financially all of their lives so you don’t trust abundance. Any time you get some extra money, you end up helping out someone who always seems get into financial trouble the EXACT moment that you’re on the come up. Since you don’t trust abundance and you don’t know what to do with the money (because Heaven forbid you spend it on yourself), you stay in debt or just breaking even.

❓You’ve been raised around intense abuse or neglect and so you have no idea what to do with true love and affection. You and every woman you grew up with has been abused by men, so you wouldn’t even know what to do with a loving, kind hearted, provider man if he came to you with his heart in his hand. Since you don’t understand or cant discern the pattern and the dynamic of an available, loving man who desires to give you affection an intimacy, you push him away and call that dude that blows hot and cold with you: He’s on the phone making you laugh at midnight, he comes over, gets what he wants, and then he acts like he can’t be bothered with you in the morning. You know it’s messed up, but since it feels familiar to you, this is the type of situationship you always find yourself in.

In my estimation, this is a spiritual emergency for many women nowadays. So many you are going to miss out on the blessings of life because YOU FEEL LIKE YOU DO NOT DESERVE and YOU CANNOT RECEIVE.

Listen to me, lovelies. You only get one shot at this life. There are no do overs. You HAVE to go for every drop of love, abundance, and deliciousness when the opportunities present themselves. It is of the utmost importance because WE NEED MORE HAPPY, FULFILLED, HEALTHY WOMEN ON THE PLANET. 💕

Do your inner work. It’s totally worth it.💕

Open up and let Heaven surprise you.🤩

Love, Nikki