Lady Cro

October 5

Many times, as we wait to birth our dreams, we get overwhelmed with our expectation and forget to find ways to enjoy the moment. I'm sharing this picture because I remember the day I decided to work in the garden even though I was super pregnant and so ready to have the baby. I decided to sit in the energy of joyful expectation and enjoy the day and my husband took the picture on the left. Recently we were outside having a glass of wine watching the kids play and I realized I was wearing the same dress. Of course, I made him take another picture, this time with the promise in my arms.

Ladies, your dream is coming true. It's happening right now. It's just going to take some time to materialize. In the meantime, sit in joyful expectation and relish today. You will look back with a smile on your face and have your own story to tell.

Happy Friday. Love, Nikki.