Lady Cro

In order to truly “level up” from the inside out, there is a developmental sequence of skills that need to be cultivated, but are seldom addressed. That’s what these foundational courses are for, ladies: to help you GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME for real, so you can find the middle path of enjoying the fruits of your femininity and having the ability to create your own financial success, bringing both satisfaction AND security. Here is the list of foundational courses (I will update this as I add more, but check my website if you're interested in the advanced offerings or intensives):

#1: FROM GOOD GIRL TO WISE WOMAN - This downloadable course and worksheet is the foundational course on how to shift your mindset from that of a “Good Girl” to a “Wise Woman”. Learn the mistakes that the good girl makes and how to STOP making those mistakes. (Side note: There is a hilarious commercial that we did on this product page, so go check that out and have a little chuckle!)

#2: CULTIVATING CONFIDENCE (101) - This is the foundational course to cultivating confidence, and the prerequisite to the Updating Your Standards Course. Learn the differences between real confidence and fake confidence, and how to cultivate the real thing within yourself. This class contains an instantly downloadable audio course and the Cultivating Confidence worksheet.

#3: WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU TALK TO YOURSELF: EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR HIGH-VALUE WOMEN - We’re all talking to ourselves all the time, what do we SAY to ourselves? This downloadable course and workbook helps you change the conversation that you have with yourself, reinforcing that energy of the high value woman that flows from the inside out.

#4: DATING FOR MARRIAGE (101) - Sign up for this course if you’re ready to have more quality dates, which will lead to having a quality relationship with a quality man, and ultimately a great marriage. (Note: This is different from the “The Pleasures of Dating for Marriage After 30” 3-part course. THAT one is an advanced class and a heavy-hitter. It’s in my store under the “Healing Hearts and the Feminine Arts” category.)

#5: MAD AT DAD: HOW THE UNHEALED FATHER WOUND CAN HINDER ROMANTIC PARTNERSHIPS - Is Being Mad at Dad Hindering Your Dating Prospects? In this course, we examine healing the Father Wound to Attract (and Enjoy) Healthy Masculinity.

#6: ALIGNING WITH THE PLEASURES AND POWERS OF THE HIGH VALUE WOMAN - When more women on the planet are happy, the earth is a healthier place. Feminine energy is actually the most powerful energy on the planet. It is your RESPONSIBILITY to be rested, happy, and fulfilled. Our joy and satisfaction flows out to our lovers, our children, relatives, our friends, our jobs, and to the atmosphere of the planet in general. This course comes with a workbook with beautiful breakthrough assignments. Don’t miss this one, and be sure to report back to me with your yummy stories.