Lady Cro

Go check on your friend today. In person if at all possible.

Has there ever been a time where you called a girlfriend, ask how she was doing, and she said that she was fine, but you just knew something wasn’t right? What did you do?

Some years back, this happened between me and a girlfriend. She lived up in Jersey and I was down south. I ask how she was doing and she gave me the cheerful, “fine!“ But something in me just knew something wasn’t right. I called a mutual girlfriend and asked her had she seen her, and she said no but she felt like something was going on as well. So I made a decision. I booked a flight, called her up and said, “I’m coming to Jersey Friday morning. You say you’re fine, but I want to see your face when you tell me that you’re fine.”

Sure enough, she was going through something very intense all alone, because she was trying to be strong by herself. Who knows what would’ve happened if I didn’t come see her that weekend? Do you need to go see someone? Or on the flipside do you need someone to come see you? Reach out if you do! Let’s all stop pretending that we have it all together. Let’s help and ask for help when we need it.

Open up and let Heaven surprise you.