Lady Cro


So I just got busted breaking one of the MANY rules of my 30 day postpartum recovery period. My mother in law totally busted me going outside (snuck outside for a quick morning walk). 😂 She busted me when I had my first baby, too. Asian grandmas don’t play. 😩

There’s a looong list of things that I can’t do, or eat, or have while I’m recovering from childbirth, and sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by the rules. At the same time, I do not complain because I absolutely love the SPIRIT of these rules: my only job right now is to sleep, cuddle, and make milk for this baby. My mother-in-law has made amazing dishes that have my milk on point, so much so that the baby surpassed her birthweight within three days!

In my family, when a woman had a baby, She had it by herself. Maybe the guy would show up to the hospital for a photo op, but that was about it. There was no true love, no appreciation, no honoring the process that she had gone through in bearing him a child. On top of that, she had to get up and go right back to work the next week usually. This was the narrative for every woman in my family. I had absolutely no evidence that something like I am currently experiencing even existed. None at all.

This is what I mean when I say open up and let Heaven surprise you: There is no way I could have anticipated the level of love, care, and honor I have received as a result of marrying the man I did and bearing children for the family. This is why I’m so passionate about you ladies taking the leap, and STOP TALKING and START TESTING these ideas that I’m sharing with you! There are some beautiful surprises in life, but you have to take a chance on yourself. Go for that stretch assignment at work that puts you on the promotion track, book that trip to that amazing city overseas that you’ve dreamed of for years, say yes to that date from that sincere man that’s honorable and interested but isn’t who you normally go for.

Give yourself a chance at unprecedented joy and success, in whatever form you desire. All you need is a little bit of faith and a little bit of nerve.

Open up and let Heaven surprise you. 💕

Love, Nikki