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HI I’m Nikki

I’m a transformational coach who specializes in helping women truly understand what they want, manifest what they want, and sustain their creation. You’ve probably found this page after reading one of my articles and having more questions. Well, here’s a question for you: Are you really ready for the life you say you want? Are you ready to feel a genuine power about yourself, feel confident anywhere you go, and have the relationship and life experience that you desire? Well, honey, you are in the right place.

I will work with you on making the changes you need to make so you can finally and fully love your life. I believe that joy, abundance, and peace are the birthrights of every woman who desires it and is willing to do the work. Let’s work together and create a strategy to get you to that wonderful life.

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Contrary to popular belief, having an education does not equal having sophistication. Let’s examine and apply the life skills you need to set yourself apart from the crowd and navigate any social setting that you may find yourself in. We’ll discuss topics such as etiquette, attitude, and how to be a brilliant conversationalist.

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Ladies, did you know that men are actually a lot of fun and can add a lot of wonderful things to your life if you let them? Learn how to enjoy the differences between men and women and leverage those differences so you can truly enjoy the dating game and ultimately create the relationship dynamic that is satisfying to you and your guy.

Lady CRO


A beautiful internal and external environment is true wealth, and the way to achieve that is through self-nurturing, healing, and tapping into the feminine mysteries. Put the pieces back together and become whole again. Discover the feminine art of self-healing and creating a more powerful and peaceful self.

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From Average to

In order to have the life you want, refinement is required. Embracing refinement is what carried me from a girl who grew up in lack, stress, and drama to a woman who married into a strong, supportive family, a wonderful husband, great friends, and a fabulous career. I want the same for you. The planet is a better place when there are more truly happy, peaceful women in it.

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